What I learned this week

Week one is under my belt and it has been a terrific one. I’ve had a smile on my face the whole time and honestly can’t believe how fortunate I am to come to Holland Bloorview every morning and know this is where I work. I hit the jackpot!

Here are some of the highlights/learnings from week one:

  • Holland Bloorview’s “connect2care” is live and families on the inpatient units are going through the enrollment process right now. This new tool will give our families online access to their Holland Bloorview health-care information.
  • I have toured our inpatient units and have met some of the great team members who work there. Everyone I’ve met has been dedicated, warm and engaged in their work. I am proud to be working with them.
  • We have a dedicated group of leaders. A leadership forum happened to fall on my first day at Holland Bloorview and what a great opportunity it was to meet many of our leaders and to hear about great accomplishments on-going across the hospital.
  • Some of our care is delivered in song! Therapeutic clowns Nurse Polo and Dr. Flap tracked me down to deliver their special brand of care! Check out the video here: https://vimeo.com/116765684.
  • Our Toronto Academic Health Science Network (TAHSN) and new Dean of Medicine at the University of Toronto Dr. Trevor Young are collaborative colleagues who I look forward to getting to know better over the next several months.
  • Of course I also learned that Nick Joachimides, our former manager of patient safety, is a Habs fan … And perhaps more importantly, by attending his going away party it was clear to me that he is not only beloved and will be missed, but that his was one of key elements of leadership that has made such a difference in the safety and quality of care for our kids.
  • Last and definitely not least, I was reminded that our clients are awesome! I was lucky enough to spend some time with the delightful Jillian, daughter of family leader Cheryl Peters. She made my day. (Cheryl – how do you keep up with her?)

It has been a week of warmth, laughter and learning. Thank you to everyone at the hospital for the great welcome and I can’t wait for week 2.


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