What I Learned This Week: January 30, 2015

Holland Bloorview is truly a learning organization. Fully affiliated with the University of Toronto, home to the Teaching and Learning Institute and its small but mighty team, the hospital has an emerging teaching and learning culture. No wonder everyone at Holland Bloorview has been so accepting of my learning and listening. Next week I get to look forward to new employee orientation (I wonder who else will be in my group?).

Here are some of the highlights/learnings from this week:

  • This week I continued my journey of seeing the hospital through the eyes of the client and family. Experiences included my first family team goal planning meeting (where families and care providers collaborate to develop goals) and a full orientation to the amazing work of the Client and Family Integrated Care team, who help ensure client and family voices are embedded throughout our hospital.
  • Another viewpoint on client and family centered care came from my first Family Advisory Committee meeting as CEO. It was great to see our family leadership in action and to be able to connect with families casually before the formal part of the meeting started. I really appreciated the warm welcome I got from the group and look forward to the monthly meetings.
  • The Programs and Services management team warmly welcomed me with some informal learning and a potluck lunch (delicious food!). The central presentation was on the value of client and family centered care and the impact it makes on quality.
  • I am also delving more deeply each week into different programs. This week gave me the opportunity to talk more about the Child Development Program (CDP) and to spend some time with the Psychopharmacology team in clinic.
  • This was also a week to build connections with our academic network through the Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO).
  • Another priority for me is to get caught up in activities related to the hospital’s 2012-2017 Strategic Plan (Leadership in Childhood Disability). I already have good background on the plan as I was a member of the Strategic Planning Task Force. This week I was able to join the Inspire Our People committee and it was great to learn about all the exciting initiatives well underway to further this pillar of our plan.
  • I saw some of the spirit of Inspire Our People in action at the Admin Team Retreat. I have to admit I kind of crashed this event but Angie (Manager, Admin Support) was gracious enough to make room for me on the agenda after lunch (which I also crashed — yum and thanks!). Our administrative team is the backbone of the hospital and it was great to see so many people able to come together for some excellent professional development and good old networking and friendship.
  • Our Foundation is hard at work raising money to meet the hospital’s many needs and ambitions. I attended my first meeting with the Foundation Board this week and once again was impressed by the commitment and passion of this group of volunteers. To quote one “I love this place.” What more could you ask?
  • Many of us have been touched by mental illness. I took the opportunity of the Bell Let’s Talk campaign to tweet about dual diagnosis. We know many kids with disabilities also face mental health challenges. If you don’t already, follow me on Twitter (@hanigsberg) to keep our conversations going between these updates.
  • Last week I mentioned Millie and Bev at the hospital’s on-site Tim Hortons. Well this week I need to give a shout out to Celia and Suren (and the whole team – Joy, Anne Marie and Catherine) for making sure I get that much needed dark roast with milk to power me through the end of the day!
  • Apparently I missed jerk chicken in the cafeteria on Thursday! I’m going to keep my eye on Holland Bloorview’s intranet for the next time it comes up on the menu. #1 and #2 fans Betty and Barb tell me it’s not to be missed.
  • Last but not least, I had my second chance to hang out with Dr. Flap and Nurse Polo and this time to get a good close up look at the impact they make on clients, families and staff on the Complex Continuing Care unit. I was even able to talk with Dr. Flap and Nurse Polo’s managers, Helen and Manuel, who gave me tremendously valuable new insights into therapeutic clowning and helped me better appreciate the research, therapeutic and artistic dimensions of the practice. Spending time with Dr. Flap and Nurse Polo, I saw beautiful interactions with our clients and appreciated them and our talented therapeutic clown team in a brand new way.

It has been another amazing week at Holland Bloorview — a week of learning, listening and observing. On behalf of all of Holland Bloorview’s learners, thanks for creating such a teaching culture. We are all better because of it. Have a great weekend. I look forward to seeing everyone in the hospital’s halls and stairways and online!


Julia and FAC Meeting_Blog2014
It was a packed house at the Family Advisory Committee meeting this week.
Julia and Crystal_Blog2014
I was lucky to sit beside Crystal, patient advisor and former client, at the Family Advisory Committee.
Julia and Family Leaders_Blog2014
Family Advisory Committee co-chairs Shoshana, Cheryl, Jean and me at my first meeting as CEO.
The Clowns_Blog2014
Our therapeutic clowns Nurse Polo and Dr. Flap have a big impact on clients, families and staff.






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