What I Learned This Week: February 6, 2015

It is quite amazing to me that I’m closing out week four as President and CEO of Holland Bloorview. It’s a cliché, but the time has flown by. As I approach month two, here are some observations and highlights of what I learned and did this week.

  • I joined several colleagues this week for new employee orientation which focused on Holland Bloorview’s Mission, Vision and Values. I was really impressed by how the orientation agenda was framed through the lens of the hospital’s values. Not surprisingly the most affecting part of the day focused on client and family centered care (CFCC), with one of our family leaders sharing her family’s story and her advice to new staff on how to embed CFCC in everything you do, no matter what your role.
  • This week marked the debut of a great new video on the value of Respect produced by the hospital’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Volunteers, staff, a client and family leader all appear. I even received a peer-to-peer Spotlight Award for my participation in the video! What a great way for me to celebrate the end of this week.
  • Our Foundation CEO Tracey Bailey and I had a great afternoon with Foundation board member Bill Holland and one of his colleagues showcasing the Bloorview Research Institute and some key programs across the hospital. It was wonderful to see Bill’s great pride in staff at the hospital, and his continuing passion and commitment to our kids and the work that we do at Holland Bloorview.
  • In the spirit of continuing to have strong experiential learning as part of each week, Pharmacy manager Nathan Ho created a great learning program for me. I learned about every element of the Pharmacy team’s work, including innovations related to participation in clinical trials and some of the unique features of meeting the pharmacy-related needs of Holland Bloorview clients.
  • Finally, I am digging into data about quality of and access to our services. I’ve begun monthly meetings to delve into all of our wait times. Managing access is critical for the hospital and our families, and something we will continue to focus on and bring all of our creativity and innovation to.

I am very grateful for the warmth of my welcome at Holland Bloorview and everyone’s generosity of time and knowledge.


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