CEO blog: The future looks bright at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

In the past six months since I began my role as President and CEO of Holland Bloorview, I’ve been listening to and learning from clients and families, our dedicated teams across programs, clinical care, research and administration, donors and many others. I’ve asked a lot of questions and put myself as best as I can in their shoes to really understand who we serve and who we are as an organization. As I’ve been listening, learning and seeking input, I’ve been asked many times what my vision is for what’s next at Holland Bloorview.

Listening and learning

I had the privilege of shadowing many clinical services, meeting with teams all across the hospital, attending Family Advisory Committee and Youth Advisory Council, meeting with clients, families and staff, key donors and volunteers, touring research labs and hearing about innovations and of course conferring closely with the senior management team and our Board of Trustees. Those first months were foremost about learning: who we serve, who we are, what we do best, where we can do more, where our revenue comes from, where we spend it, how we make decisions, with whom we partner. In my fifth month, I began to spend a greater proportion of my time with key stakeholders in acute care, community- and home-care, government and university. I also sat down with health-care thought-leaders, organizations of influence and senior leaders within and outside of health-care to share the Holland Bloorview story, “pick brains” and get advice.

I’ve been touched by the stories I’ve heard from families about their journeys in our health system and beyond. I am grateful that so many families partner with our hospital and share their expertise – their insights and advice have fundamentally shaped my learning. I’ve been inspired by the level of compassion, commitment and professionalism I’ve seen in our teams. I’ve been energized by thought-leaders and scientists. Thank you to everyone who has been part of my learning journey.

What I’ve heard

All of these interactions, discussions and observations provided the context for what I see in our very bright future. Boiling down many conversations and observations I’d say I heard three consistent aspirations for our hospital:

  1. Change the lives of more kids locally, provincially, across the country and around the globe.
  2. Maximize impact so that kids can achieve their full potential.
  3. Change the future for kids with disabilities now and into adulthood.

Vision for the future

From those passionate aspirations and our shared commitment to a vision of a world of possibility for kids of all abilities, I conclude that we need to maximize impact beyond our walls while driving continuous improvements to quality of care within those walls.

How can we achieve these ambitions together?

  1. Drive excellent quality resulting in greater access to and more equitable care.
  2. Advocate for a more just and inclusive world for people with disabilities resulting in greater opportunities and fewer barriers, particularly for our youth and the adults they will become.
  3. Pursue partnerships using our ability to collaborate as a means of broadening our impact on kids and families.
  4. Expand output and reach of research, teaching and innovation so that kids will get the right treatment, care and technology to maximize their potential here at Holland Bloorview, locally, provincially, nationally and across the globe.
  5. Build our leadership capacity to be best able to meet today’s challenges and those of the future.

And of course client and family centred care will continue to be at the heart of everything we do.Building on our current strategic plan, “Leadership in Childhood Disability 2012-17” and its four strategic directions to transform care, lead the system, accelerate knowledge and inspire our people,  these priorities are a natural progression and inspired by our vision, mission and values.Priorities

I want to hear from you

I’m sharing these priorities across Holland Bloorview and with key partners. I am eager to elaborate on these thoughts and have good discussions, forthright feedback and engagement to fill in the details as we move forward together.

I look forward to hearing:

  • Do these priorities resonate?
  • What advice do you have?
  • How do you want to be further engaged?
  • What do you think we ought to be considering or thinking more about?

You can reply to my blog by clicking the “Leave a comment” link below the title. If you would prefer not to have your feedback shared publicly, please let me know in your reply.

I couldn’t be more proud of and excited for Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital and with the energy and engagement of our clients and families, our teams and our leaders, the future is truly unlimited.


2 thoughts on “CEO blog: The future looks bright at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

  1. I would like to see more alternative therapies available at Bloorview and being researched by Bloorview. My son goes to the Spiral Movement Center All of the kids who go there are progressing. Ranging from Autism, Developmental Disabilities to CP and genetic disorders. With two special needs kids, I felt pulled in so many different directions before we discovered the SMC. My kids were sectioned off into different parts – each going to various different therapists and medical appointments. Now I have one holistic solution for our whole family. I wish Bloorview would take a more wholistic approach as well.


    1. Hi Pamela,

      Thank you for connecting with me and sharing your thoughts. Our number one goal is to provide the best care possible and to that end we are always reviewing the latest research and evidence-based practices to inform our care. I appreciate the challenges many families have navigating a complex health system and I’m glad you’ve found a solution that works for your family. Your point about whole-istic care is well taken and I’ll keep it in mind as we continue to think about how we can make the delivery of care as smooth as possible, continue to strengthen our partnerships with other care organizations and provide important programs. Julia


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