This week Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital will be launching a major public awareness campaign designed to spur conversation about childhood disability. We developed this campaign with Havas Worldwide Canada, an advertising agency, who is generously donating $1 million in creative services to us to launch this and future campaigns demonstrating their deep commitment to making a difference in the lives of kids with disabilities and their families.  You’ll be seeing our campaign in print, on TV & radio, websites and digital billboards.

If you are a regular reader of this blog (or follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn) you’ll know how deeply committed I am to raising awareness about childhood disability and breaking down stigma associated with disability. It may be 2016, but there are still many people who are frightened by people with disabilities, think because someone can’t talk they can’t think, don’t expect them to have families or have meaningful lives let alone be independent, joyful, employed and included in all society has to offer. Having deep conversations that illuminate disability isn’t new for Holland Bloorview. The BLOOM Blog is a great example of how we have long been bringing visibility to disability.

This campaign is designed to be bold and unexpected: words we often use to describe the kids we serve at Holland Bloorview. We draw from the aphorism “when life gives you lemons…” to shake up stereotypes. And we use a lighthearted (and delicious!) approach to deliver a serious message: don’t underestimate kids with disabilities. We want you to be part of a big conversation about children with disabilities and the adults they’ll become, and join with Holland Bloorview – our extraordinary teams that deliver care and through research and teaching that develop the future of care – in making a big difference in these lives.

Picture the best future you could expect for anyone you love… That’s the life we picture for EVERY child with a disability, physical or intellectual, whether they were born with it or acquired it through accident or illness.

For more information about the campaign go to BakingGood.ca and for more information about Holland Bloorview and the work we do to transform lives and to understand how to access our services go to HollandBloorview.ca

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