CEO Blog: Working to knock down boundaries every day

Do you have a bright idea?

One year ago we completed our strategic plan, No Boundaries. Our strategy is to put all of our energy towards enabling children and families to have the most meaningful and healthy futures by personalizing pathways, discovering for action and connecting the systems in which we work. We do this every day throughout our organization, at the point of care, in our teams, as we plan, through our budgets and as we engage our community, funders and donors for support. No Boundaries empowers each of us to make change every day.

No one has a monopoly on good ideas and that’s why we created the No Boundaries Fund to encourage all members of our Holland Bloorview team to launch ideas that bring No Boundaries to life and the No Boundaries Strategy Council to maintain our momentum. Great ideas happen anywhere, anytime and from any floor or department of the hospital. The Strategy Council had its first meeting last week. Our council includes “alumni” (former clients and youth leaders), physicians, frontline staff, managers, researchers, family leaders, members of health disciplines, of the Senior Management Team and includes 6 members who self-nominated. The Council will keep us honest and on track to keep the energy of No Boundaries alive at Holland Bloorview and they are ambassadors for our strategy. Have a question, comment or idea for the council? Reach out to Sean Peacocke, Holland Bloorview’s Manager of Strategy.

At this first meeting, Council was clear that we need to share more stories of where No Boundaries is taking hold and how we are making progress on our plan. For example,

  • solution focused coaching training is spreading, giving our team members the skills to understand what matters most to clients and families and put that in place through integrated and coordinated care plans to enable personalized pathways;
  • we’ve established a new director of commercialization role to enable access to new technology developed out of our research institute and to help scientists find industry partners;
  • we worked with clinicians, clients and families to develop a pilot for extended hours of service in some ambulatory services;
  • we used design-thinking methodology supported by our Centre for Leadership in Innovation to develop 2 new measures for inclusion in this year’s Quality Improvement Plan;
  • we are upping our digital healthcare game by enabling clinicians to have virtual visits with clients through the Ontario Telehealth Network
  • we’ve completed mapping of the various ways that our clients first make contact with Holland Bloorview to develop plans to enhance the first point of contact and identify ways that we can make the time between referral and service meaningful, i.e. providing access to helpful resources immediately for all clients, such a great education sessions for caregivers or group workshops to address immediate concerns

No Boundaries Funds are granted up to a maximum of $5,000 per request, with a total of $50,000 of donor funding available in 2018-19. With No Boundaries Fund grants staff can address pressing needs, identify new and emerging challenges and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Last year the No Boundaries Fund enabled a number of great projects including:

  • a workshop to teach caregivers how to uses infographics to share child/family stories
  • behavioral and sensory workshops for caregivers to help them with their most pressing needs
  • “Saturday Fun Night” giving respite to families with a fun evening for clients and siblings supported by nursing and therapeutic recreation
  • phone charging station (coming soon!)
  • youth video feedback corner (coming soon!)
  • a parent group to promote self-empathy and resilience in a supportive environment where parents felt safe sharing stories
  • an app designed to use the power of artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing to help kids and families navigate services and programs (under development)

For this year’s No Boundaries Fund grant requests can be made from April 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018. If you are a member of the Holland Bloorview team, email to submit your request. Share your idea with me for an opportunity to bring it to life.



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