CEO Blog: Danforth Strong, Toronto Strong

This week has been a tough one with the unthinkable shooting on the Danforth, compounded by equally heartbreaking gun violence across so many of our neighbourhoods and the van attack only a couple of months ago. Learning that one of the victims, 18-year-old Reese Fallon, was going to study nursing at university in the fall hits many of us at Holland Bloorview particularly hard, as did the news that victim Julianna Kozis was only 10 years old. We will be flying our flag at half-mast over the next week.

This week, and every week, I encourage all of our Holland Bloorview staff members to check in with colleagues and teams to offer support and remind each other that immediate mental health resources are always available through our Employee and Family Assistance Program. Our program provider, Morneau Shepell, has also set up a crisis support line for anyone in the community in need of emotional support in relation to this event. The number is 1-844-751-2133 and is open 24/7.

Empathy and kindness are top-of-mind as we think about all of the many families, neighbours and friends touched by this tragedy. We are so fortunate in our city to have such incredible first responders and colleagues in trauma centres and communities that rally in times of deep need. We continue to prove over and over again how resilient and compassionate we are in this city.

We will always be Danforth Strong, Toronto Strong.



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