CEO blog: No Boundaries Fund

Launched in 2017, the No Boundaries Fund was created to unleash the innovation and the creativity of the Holland Bloorview team. By providing small grants and a low red tape way to apply for them, we hoped to give everyone the power to launch solutions and tackle challenges they see impacting clients and families.

In 2018 we received 39 applications from staff members and 14 teams were selected for funding.

We have officially launched year 3 of the No Boundaries Fund! Staff are encouraged to submit their grant requests, up to a maximum of $5,000 per request, for a total of $50,000 of donor funding available in 2019-20.

With No Boundaries Fund grants, staff can address pressing needs, identify new and emerging solutions, pilot creative ideas and help bring our No Boundaries strategy to life. In addition, this year we have a special call-out for ideas that support inclusion of kids with disabilities in recreation and sports, and enhance the mental health strategy for children, youth, families and staff – priorities for which we have eager donors.

Your Creativity Knows No Boundaries!

Not sure what kinds of projects receive No Boundaries funding? Here are some examples:

  • For some clients, especially those with neurodevelopmental disabilities, receiving dental care can be downright scary. That’s why Tanya, a dental and orthodontic hygienist with the hospital’s dental services, wanted to make the treatment room more welcoming and inviting. The grant she received enabled her department to purchase a number of items to help make treatment a little less daunting. These items included:
    • a soft bean bag so children can sit comfortably and feel more like they’re at home
    • a cordless (and practically silent) cleaning instrument, which allows her to do cleaning and polishing anywhere in the room and with a better sensory experience – even while a child is sitting in the bean bag chair!
    • a lava lamp projector that creates a kaleidoscope of shifting colours on the ceiling which helps kids sit still when in the bean bag chair
  • The Survival Guide to Picky Eating is a helpful feeding workshop held at Holland Bloorview. Access to a program prior to significant impairment in eating behaviours gives families the ability to change a child’s feeding trajectory in a positive way.

  • Youth with disabilities want and need to talk about sexuality, gender identity and intimacy. Holland Bloorview co-facilitated a series of workshops with Holland Bloorview Youth Leaders, Family Leaders, and community partners with the No Boundaries Fund as a catalyst.
  • Having a sibling with a disability can be tough. Siblings need support, programming and recognition. Holland Bloorview offered holistic family programming by adding a monthly program designed specifically for the siblings of clients as well as a sibling recognition event at the end of the year. Using a play-based model, siblings ages 7-18 can play, relax, unwind, meet peers who have shared lived experiences, and talk about what it’s like to be a sibling of someone with a disability.

Are you inspired?

For this year’s No Boundaries Fund, grant requests can be made from March 18th, 2019 to May 10th, 2019, by any member of the Holland Bloorview team. Remember that co-designing with clients/families always gives your plans an edge! To apply, all you have to do is email to submit your request. Share your idea with me for an opportunity to bring it to life.



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